Meet The Team

Our Hygienists

Meet our team of experienced registered dental hygienists, who along with the dentist are committed to improving each patient's health.

Their knowledge and thorough care offer an opportunity to keep smiling for a lifetime!

If you have a preference for one of our hygienist, please let us know and we will book accordingly.


Kathy is a Registered Dental Hygienist and graduate of the University of Manitoba. Her many years of experience have been in various settings including periodontics speciality and public health, but she found her niche when she joined Dr. Labbe's practice in 1999.

Creating positive experiences for patients, contributing to their overall health improvement and close working relationships are what makes her love her work. Her focus on preventative health and continuous learning has also led to a study of Orofacial Myology.

She enjoys family time with her husband and now adult children. When not working you might find her reading a great book, walking her dogs, creating a beautiful flower garden or sewing a fabulous quilt!

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