Appointment Information

Unless you have a specific concern needing immediate attention, your first visit will be about 1.5 hours. During that time, the dentist will listen to what your dental concerns are and gain an understanding of your dental history. She will perform a thorough examination of your mouth. She will look at your teeth, gums, oral tissues, jaw bone and joints. Appropriate Xrays and photos will likely be taken.

Once a comprehensive diagnosis of your oral health is made, she will discuss with you the information collected about your mouth and discuss what treatment options are available to treat you best. This includes expectations, timing and cost estimates.

As part of the appointment, an hour will be reserved for you to see the hygienist for a cleaning. If you haven't had a thorough cleaning in some years, you may need another appointment to ensure your cleaning gets completed properly. We will not rush, as we want to give you the best care possible. We can also provide anesthetic for your cleaning if your teeth and gums are especially sensitive.

We believe that regular dental exams and cleanings are essential in preventing dental disease and tooth loss. The ideal time interval between visits varies for each person. Together the dentist and the hygienist will determine what time is right for you.

We know how busy life can be and are happy to provide you with a reminder service that ensures your dental care is not forgotten.

Your Child's First Visit

We encourage parents to come to the office with their babies from the time they are born so that they get used to the environment and see it as a normal part of what grown ups do. It gives the dentist, hygienists and assistants a chance to speak with mom or dad about concerns they might have, educate them as to best practices for their child's oral care and even take a peak at baby's mouth as needed.

We usually do full exams for kids beginning at age 2 or 3 unless there is a concern before then. We pride ourselves in making kids enjoy their first visit with us. We keep it relaxed and fun so they will want to come back.

We have a kids area that children can play in while they wait for the rest of the family to complete their appointments.

After each visit they also get to pick a toy from our treasure chest, always a hit with the little ones!

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