Our Policies


Please know that we are committed to protecting the privacy of our patients' personal information and we adhere to the federal and provincial guidelines regarding the gathering, use and disclosure of personal information.


In 1997 the Alberta Dental Association stopped publishing a suggested fee guide for dental procedures. Since that time, a yearly survey has been distributed to dentists providing information on fees charged throughout the province. Our fees fall within the norm for Calgary practices. Bottom line, we provide quality dental care at a fair price.

We think insurance facilitates attaining and maintaining an optimal level of dental health. However, you should know that there are hundreds of companies selling dental plans and they are all different with varying levels of coverage. It is difficult for our office to know the details of what procedures your dental plan covers. It is also rare that insurance will cover 100% of the fees encountered at the office. Please remember that our treatment recommendations are based on the best long term outcome for your dental health, not by what your insurance covers.

Payment for dental procedures is due when they are provided. Our receptionist will be happy to file insurance claims on your behalf to your insurance provider so that you get reimbursed what portion they cover as quickly as possible. This insurance payment will go directly to you. She will provide an estimate to you for any major work (or any time you want one) so there are no surprises. She can send predeterminations to your insurance upon your request before we initiate any treatment. She will also be happy to sit down with you and work out a payment plan for extensive dental treatment.

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard.

Missed Appointments

When we book your appointment in our schedule, that time becomes exclusively reserved for you.

Therefore we kindly ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you have to change your scheduled time, so that we can offer that time to another patient who is waiting to see us. Two (2) business days of notice is ideal in helping us.

We may charge a $75 fee per hour for appointments missed without cancellation notice.

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